Woodlands Swimming Complex Singapore 

Woodlands Swimming Complex Singapore 

Swimming is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone and the Woodlands Swimming Complex makes it a pleasurable experience. One can come here to fight away the built up stress or to burn away the extra calories. This beautiful complex is a great place for you and your family to have oodles of fun.  Put on your swimwear and head to Woodlands Swimming Complex Singapore with your kids, friends and family to learn exceptional swimming techniques from some of the best instructors. Woodlands swimming Complex offers Special Promotion at 50% off for swimming lessons at your preferred day and time. We also offer swimming lessons at other swimming complexes in Singapore.

Woodlands Swimming Lessons 2016

Woodlands Swimming Complex Gallery

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Woodlands Swimming Complex is located at 3 Woodlands Street 13. The easiest way to get to the complex is to travel by the MTR to the Marsiling Station. This state of the art complex has a play pool, a separate learning pool and the most coveted Main Pool, which resembles an Olympic styled swimming pool. If you wish to hone your skills then you can choose amongst the various classes that are offered here. Woodlands Swimming Complex offers adults swim class as well as kids swim class. Woodlands Swimming Complex is located at close proximity to the Woodland Square, the Vista Point and the Town Centre; hence there are many places to explore after your swimming session. 
Woodlands Swimming Complex Stydents 

Coach Richmond Tan’s passion for swimming has won him a Senior Swimming Instructor Awards certification from the Singapore Swimming Association and the Singapore Sports Council. Training under him is a joyful experience as he has a knack to keep everyone, from a 3 year old to a 70 year old interested. He customizes his training according to the skill and fitness level of the person he is training. He takes into account the health related issues and offers training that could help control the condition. This Bronze Medallion medal holder from the Singapore Life Saving Society considers swimming a mood elevator and a stress buster, not to mention its varied health benefits. Both Swimsafer and Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award programme will be taught to let you master the technique of swimming.

Look no further, your quest for the perfect swimming complex and a competent instructor ends here. Woodlands Swimming Complex opens up a whole new world of relaxation and rejuvenation. Experience the bliss of swimming in clear water under the deep blue sky and the fresh air surrounding the complex.

Woodlands Swimming Complex Map Location & Bus-Stops

Bus number to Woodlands Swimming Complex

Woodlands swimming Complex is within 5min walk from the Bus-Stop of

911, 187, 856, 925, 950 and 960. Nearest Mrt station is Marsiling.


Operating Hours of the Woodlands Swimming Complex Pool:

Everyday: 8am to 9.30am except for Thur: 2.30pm to 9.30pm

Operating Hours of the Woodlands Swimming Complex Gym:

Woodlands Swimming Complex Gym Woodlands Swimming Complex Gym Operating Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri: 7.00am – 10.00pm Tue, Thu 8.30am – 10.00pm Sat: 8.30am – 8.00pm Sun: 9.00am – 8.00pm PH : 9.00am – 5.00pm


Free ActiveSG$100 For Every Singaporean And Permanent Residents

Good news, now all Singaporean and PR can apply for free ActiveSg $100 credit to be used for the swimming complex admission as part of the Government to promote healty Lifestyle. You can apply for both adults and kids. Its can also be used for the Gym at the Woodlands Swimming Complex. Click here to see more details and how to apply.

Swimming Complex Address: 

3 Woodlands Street 13, Singapore 738600.
Telephone No: 6269 4192

Background: Opened since 5th Aug 1989.
Pool Types:

1 Competition Pool

1 Teaching Pool

1 Children Playground Pool

Parking: 219 (Car), 48 (Motorcycle), 5 (Lorry Lots)

 Woodlands Swimming Lessons

Woodlands Swimming Complex is a great place for beginners as one can learn the right techniques and strokes from Coach Richmond Tan. According to Coach Richmond Tan, swimming is not just about splashing and floating, but results in the overall development of an individual. Coach Tan holds the merit of being a Senior Instructor at the Singapore Sports Council and has trained over 1000 swimming enthusiast till date. He has served in the Singapore Armed Forces and won more than 25 medals during the Swimming Meets held during 1996 to 2005. This award winning Coach is the pride of Woodlands Swimming Complex and a favourite amongst the patrons. He knows what he is talking about and believes that with passion and discipline, regardless of your age, you can truly benefit from swimming. Whether you are a beginner or are aiming to become a competitive swimmer, Woodlands Swimming Complex, under the able guidance of Coach Tan will help you realise your goal. 

Swim Classes Enquiry
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Essentials of Swimming

Learning to swim is easy once you’ve learned the basics. It’s just like any other sport but the difference is, swimming is non-weight bearing and painless on the joints meaning zero the pain that running or lifting weights bring you. Before any activity would commence, you should first perform stretching to prevent your muscles from straining, stiffness and injury. Listed below are the fundamental steps to learn swimming:  

1.  The proper way of breathing  

Adults Swim Classes

This is the starting point to achieve your main goal. The importance of learning to breathe appropriately in swimming is to help you remain calm and collected once in the water. It will also provide your lungs sufficient air even when you’ve swam for 50m straight. Practice the breathing mechanics first on dry land.

· Take a deep breath  

· Hold your breath for five counts (Make sure the air is delivered to your lungs and not trapped in your mouth)  

· Blow out the air through your nose  

Once you’ve practiced on land, proceed to the water to apply what you’ve learned. 

Submerge your head fully in the water when holding your breathe. This step allows you to assess your own capability of whether your will sink or swim. If you still can’t perform the breathing technique properly, return back to dry land to master the step.  

2.  Bobbing

The purpose of bobbing is to practice rhythmic breathing.  

· Face the pool edge while holding comfortably onto the pool edge  

· Slowly bob your head up and down the water while holding onto the pool edge  

· Inhale, bend your knees and elbows and slowly submerge your head  

· Exhale the air through your nose as you slowly lower yourself  

· Come back up, inhale, bob and exhale.  

 3. Floating  

You can swim no matter how high or low you float. There are different types of floating style. But the number one floating style needed to swim is the prone float also known as dead-man’s float. The prone float is a floating position with your body in a straight line, face down and arms straight forward. Hold your breath as long as you can and if you need to need to breathe, stand up and proceed to the next step.  

 4.  Flutter Kick

This the most basic of all kicks, also known as freestyle kick. The legs are straight with toes pointed and alternately move them up and down.  

If this is your first time to practice the flutter kick, just sit at the pool edge. As stated, straighten your legs, point your toes and move them up and down in an alternate manner. 

After you have practiced at the pool edge, you may now add you flutter kick to your prone float. You may either hold onto the wall, or use a kickboard. If you have mastered the flutter kick, it is now time to proceed to the next step.  

 5. Front Arm Crawl  

This is usually the fastest and easiest of the four primary strokes. The front arm crawl is also known as Freestyle. The arms move alternately from side to side, when one arm is pulling or pushing the other arm is recovering. The arm movement propels you to move forward. The pull movement creates a semicircle. Pushing the palm back through the water underneath the body and make sure that your hand passes through the waist. Recover and repeat the steps over.  

Combine all the steps: Breathing, Prone Float, Flutter Kick and the Front Arm Crawl and you will now know how to swim the basics. The other strokes like the Butterfly, Backstroke and Breaststroke are just modifications of the basics, so when you learn the basics and master them you can also learn the other strokes. 

Remember that always stretch before swimming, warm up and cool down before and after an intense workout. 

Woodlands Swimming Complex

If you are interested to engage a swimming coach to teach your kids or yourself the correct techniques in swimming, look no further. Coach Richmond can help you find a certified swimming coach in Woodlands Swimming Complex or any other area. Start your swim classes in Woodlands Swimming Complex now.


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" I've enrolled swimming lessons at Woodlands Swimming Complex on Jan 2016 under Singapore Swim School. Coach Caterine is very patience with my children who have no water confidence. As I travel alot to Malaysia, they allow us to do makeup on other days which I think is a very good services. Well done."

- Woodlands, Angie Tan

" My son, Johny Lim aged 6 was scared of water, but now he can swim after 6 months with Coach Richmond Tan"

- Woodlands, Mrs Lim


"Eldon aged 5 love to learn swimming with Richmond Tan. His lesson is always full of fun and games too." 

- Marsiling, Jason


"Christy was only 6 years old when she started learning swimming with Richmond. She just pass her SwimSafer Gold test this month. She is 8 years old now. Thank you"

- Sembawang, Sophia Teo


"My daughter, Sukie aged 7 was very weak and always fall sick when she was young. After learn swimming for 2 years, she is fitter and haven't visit the doctor for many months. Thankyou Coach Tan".

- Woodlands, Keira


"Coach Richmond is very patience with the children, my children love to attend his swimming lesson"

- Bukit Panjang, Mrs See 


"I were very scare of swimming as I had a bad experience was i were a kid. However, after I took up swimming lessons with Coach Sally from Sengkand Swimming Complex, I have learned how to swim within 10 lessons. I also have learned how to thread-water and some personal survival skills. I planning for a snokering trip at Malaysia next month."

- Sengkang, Sharmin